Why Aubusson?

08/15/2016 19:43

Why Aubusson?

There are thousands of properties for sale in the Limousin (trois departements: La Creuse, Haute-Vienne, Correze) so why did I choose this particular departement in the region du Limousin?

I had visited La Creuse a few times from 2013, visiting my old friend, Bob. I loved its verdant forests, valleys, mountains, rivers and lakes; reminiscent of North Wales yet grander, more vast. After the dry, arid, burnt landscape of Almeria I longed for lush lands again.
There are properties for sale at amazingly low prices with many hectares of land. But , after the loneliness and isolation on a Spanish mountain, miles from the nearest shop, I had learnt a valuable lesson: at my age, alone, with increasing age and possible infirmity, I realised that I needed to be within walking distance of facilities.

Having a broken arm reaffirmed my decision to buy in a town. During the first few weeks here I was able to walk to the bank to open an account and get the essential assurances; the post office; the doctor and dentist; the supermarket.........

Aubusson is a town with a history dating back to the Romans; a Mediaeval quarter and, of course, the centre of the French tapestry industry . President Francois Hollande was here in July to open the new 'Cite Internationale de La Tapisserie'. The town has been buzzing during July and August with all the tourists; the cafes overflowing with people from all over France and the world. The vide greniers and the grande braderie yesterday (August 14th) attracted hundreds. It is indeed a town full of culture, colour, music and mystery.

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