The Essential Gestor

05/20/2014 00:00

Wednesday, 20th May 2015: The Essential Gestor/Gestora

Some welcome rain this morning after soaring temperatures up to 38C during the last few days; unseasonably hot but I love it! Purchased large pots of colourful geraniums for only 2 euros each from my nearest garden centre, as well as hibiscus and other shrubs, again for only 2 euros per plant. A bargain!
Anyone buying in Spain is strongly advised to employ the services of a gestor (m)/ gestora (f) who is not as qualified as a lawyer but their fees will usually include a full legal package, ensuring you have legal entitlement to the property. My gestora speaks perfect English and came recommended by Bob who had found her invaluable when purchasing his property. The legal system here is complex: you would need to be fluent in Spanish, as well as legal Spanish; and have the time, patience and understanding of Spansh bureaucracy with its miles of red tape.
Your gestor/a will deal with all the legal paperwork; obtain your NIE number which entails queing for hours; organise bank accouts; set up utilities payments. He/She does EVERYTHING for you, including translation services; your will; organising all the documents for the notary; chasing up other parties, saving countless hours of time, effort and stress. Also, very importantly, they are fully independant of any estate agent or other third party.
This gives me time to potter in the garden instead of worrying about legal matters!