Moving on!

10/16/2015 15:33

My last entry was 'Heatwave' on 28th June: a lot has happened since then, especially my dramatic departure from Spain. The house, the sunshine and the region are beautiful but I began to long for hedgerows, deciduous trees, rivers; greenery, in general: I couldn't settle. My rescued cat, Phoebe, had given birth to six kittens in the heat; we were all struggling, especially Gabriel with his thick, dense coat. Also, the loneliness was getting me down.

Time to move on.

I missed my home in North Wales: I missed my three daughters. But a return to the UK was impossible: financially impossible. I had lived for a time during 2013 in La Creuse, France; loved the landscape, reminiscent of North Wales but vaster and wilder: loved its meadows and mountains, flora and fauna; peacefulness and tranquillity, reminiscent of Britain in the 50s. I would explore the option of a return. 

The Limousin weather can be brutally cold in winter and the summers unpredictable. It is not an destination for sun-seekers, making it the least populated region in the whole of Europe, having the lowest crime rate as a happy by-product.  I was tired of constantly sunny days in Almeria: I didn't feel sufficiently alive, charged, inspired. 

I put El Castillo up for sale in July.

July and August are not good months for selling; I had a few views but nothing came to fruition. Things began to look up in September but still no takers: I decided to arrange a move to the Limousin, to leave the house in the hands of the estate agents and the solicitor to whom I gave Power of Attorney to avoid me having to return in the event of a sale. I put all my possessions, including a couple of bits of furniture, in storage in Albox, leaving the house fully furnished.

I set off on Sunday, 11th October: a 14-16 hour drive with 5 cats in my Nissan Note.