Moving House With A Broken Arm: NOT To Be Recommended!

08/04/2016 13:18

Well, here I am in my new home! I was due to move in on 11th March 2016 but, typical of me, I did it the hard way by breaking my right arm three days before I was due to sign the contract on the 8th with the notaire in Ahun!


I couldn't drive, lift anything or even get dressed properly. How would I move all my stuff, including 5 cats, into a house on 4 floors with almost perpendicular staircases? Friend Bob came to the rescue again: drove me back and forth to Gueret hospital for x-rays and treatment for a week: the move to Aubusson put on hold. Then, even worse, as the bones (broken radius) were misaligned I would need an operation!

I cried like a baby. How long would it take for my arm to recover? About 8 more weeks! NO!!! I was booked in for the op. the next day. Three pins (les broches) were drilled into my radius to hold it in place; the arm then encased in a sturdy strap, immobilised further with a neck bandage. I felt very sorry for myself as poor Bob, again, drove me back to his place; any hopes of getting rid of me in the immediate future fading with the mists lying low over the fields.

Yet, I became determined that I would have to move: 2 months of sitting around unable to make any progress would drive me mad. I spent a couple of days adjusting to life with only a left arm functioning; found I could do most things, except apply mascara which was, strangely, most humiliating; then announced to Bob that I was going ahead! He was flabbergasted at my determination but knew I was a born survivor: I get knocked down, feel my world has come to an end, then bounce back like a Jack-in-a-box! Story of my life........

So, Friday, 18th March, we started loading up Bob's car (mine stationary for now) with our 3 arms for the first of many trips to Aubusson.