02/28/2017 00:00

It was my second visit to Carcassonne, a magical Mediaeval city, still full of life, culture, work, fun: not just a museum. It is as alive today as it was 2,500 years ago as a Gallo-Roman settlement but is probably best known for its vibrancy during the 12th -13th centuries. I will add some photos but it is impossible with my camera to capture the size, grandeur and magnificence of La Cite (sorry, cannot add the acute accent to the 'e').

I went with my dear friend, Bob, who is also a devotee of all things Mediaeval. We stayed at 'Carcassonne Bed & Breakfast', 12 Rue Fernand Merlane: a beautiful, comfortable, stylish house within 2 minutes' walk of La Cite. Seriously, if you want to stay in Carcassonne this is the place to be: in one word 'fabulous'.

For a delicious meal with ambiance and affordability I also recommend 'Restaurant Adelaide' in La Cite. It was the best meal we had, in delightful surroundings, during our stay. The nearby 13th century 'L'Ostel des Troubadours' is fascinating and worth a visit but the food is not to the standard of the former.

It continues cold here in France but, surely, spring is on its way.