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Le Chauffagiste. Part 1

10/02/2017 22:24
I love France, particularly La Creuse with its relaxed, laid-back lifestyle but it can be frustrating when one needs work doing urgently. I moved into my house in March 2016; ensured that the oil tank which feeds 'la chaudiere' was filled to its maximum of 1,000 litres during the summer, when...
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La maison de George Sand a Nohant

09/07/2017 17:59
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Le Cordonniere a Aubusson

08/12/2017 18:37
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Coincidence in Ahun

07/12/2017 15:17
    I'd like to consider the nature of coincidence. The 'Oxford English Dictionary' describes it as 'remarkable concurrence of events without apparent causal connection'. The key word here is 'apparent' and this is what I would like to explore in light of recent events in my life. It has...
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02/28/2017 00:00
It was my second visit to Carcassonne, a magical Mediaeval city, still full of life, culture, work, fun: not just a museum. It is as alive today as it was 2,500 years ago as a Gallo-Roman settlement but is probably best known for its vibrancy during the 12th -13th centuries. I will add some photos...
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Les Pompiers......Aidez nous!

12/09/2016 17:57
'Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring!' from the two doorbells, one electric, one 18th century brass bell........It's 19.00 hours, dark outside except for the Christmas illuminations along the street......Philippa and I look at one another, bewildered.....'Who can it be, ringing so incessantly?' It...
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Ma Carte Vitale est arrivee!

12/09/2016 17:52
Ma Carte Vitale est arrivee apres neuf mois! Je suis contente!
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My Cats....Mes Chats

11/13/2016 15:44
When I left my home in North Wales in January 2015 I had just one cat, my beautiful, male Ragdoll, Gabriel; after my three daughters, the love of my life. I had had cats , many cats, all my life so was glad not to have to pay the phenominal cost of having more than one flown by an elite pet carrier...
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October in La Creuse: Magical!

10/30/2016 17:07
30th October: the skies are bright blue, the days continue to be warm and and the sun shines giving a magical radiance to the early autumn colours. It is the most beautiful time of the year here in La Creuse. Back in the UK it is, apparently, cold, grey and cheerless. No doubt there will soon be...
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Ma Carte Vitale........nearly there!

10/30/2016 16:13
Quel surpris! I found this in the post today! It says:                'Pour obtenir une carte Vitale, c'est simple!' All I need to do now, it says, is to stick on a passport sized photo and to include another proof of identity:...
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